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Drone Roof Inspection For Your Kingston Property

We use advanced drone technology to view your roof from above to figure out what kind of repairs or maintenance it may need. 

Get Quick & Accurate

Solutions For Your Roof

Drone technology has changed the way we measure and inspect roofs in Kingston. We can now get accurate measurements and images of your roof from the safety of the ground in half the time it took before. Walking on the roof to inspect it is dangerous and may cause your roof’s shingles to loosen up or break. With drones, there is no such risk. 

During our routine roof inspections in Kingston, ON, we take close-up HD photos of the entire roof from various angles. Our drone technology also tracks and monitors the age of a roof and any problem areas. If you think you’re experiencing an issue with your roof, we can investigate it with our flying drone camera upon request. 

Inspect your roof wisely and reach out to us to schedule your drone roof inspection in Kingston today.


Safe & Simple

With drone inspections, you reduce or even eliminate, the need for construction workers to be on your actual roof. Falls are the most common cause of death on construction sites and we do everything in our power including taking the necessary preventive measures like this to avoid them. We use drones to perform remote roof inspections and reduce the amount of time our workers spend in dangerous areas. 

Automated Accuracy

It’s hard to maintain accuracy and consistency when you’re measuring a roof. With our automated drone mapping technology, we can take accurate measurements within minutes. We have done several comparisons to test the accuracy and they are 99% correct. No need to worry about inaccurate information or missing any relevant details during your roof inspection, get a thorough roof report from our drone experts. 

Why Choose Us?

Quality Work

Have a question regarding our services? Want to request a quote for your project? Get in touch and we'll be happy to address your concerns and answer your questions.

Licensed & Certified

After our communications, we may choose to conduct a quick inspection to get a better idea of what you need.

Step 3: Getting the Job Done

Our skilled Kingston roofing experts are up-to-date on the latest drone technologies and are trained and certified to provide you the best, custom roofing solutions for your property. 

Experienced Professionals

Not only are our roofers certified to handle your roof repair, but they also have years of experience servicing the Kingston area and effectively managing multiple projects at once. 

Impeccable Reputation

With years of roofing experience, we’ve fortunately established a great reputation for quality work at great prices. Our reviews speak for themselves. 

High ROI

By using drones, we simplify a complicated process quickly and turn it into actionable data. Not only do drone roof inspections in Kingston save a considerable amount of time and manpower, but they also deliver more comprehensive data than what can be gathered manually.


Our drones can capture our client’s roofs in high-resolution, giving us a powerful set of data to work from to provide you the most suited recommendations and solutions. When you use our services, you can be assured of long-term fixes and high-quality solutions for your roofing needs.

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Get An Estimate Today

Work with the best Kingston roofing company and schedule your drone roof inspection to find the best solution for your property. Call us to receive your free estimate today. 

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